If you’re looking for a locksmithing base kit with a wide variety of lock picks and tension tools, consider the MPXS-20 from SouthOrd. This lock picking tool kit contains 21 lock picks, and tension tools, and a high-quality leather or vegan leather case. When you need a go-to kit for locksmithing, reach for the MPXS-20 20-piece lock pick set with metal handles.

The most popular set from our MPXS professional series, the MPXS-20 20-piece lock pick set with metal handles contains:

  • Six Standard Lock Picks w/ Rivetless Stainless Steel Handles
  • Six Standard Lock Picks
  • Two Double-Ended Lock Picks
  • One Broken Key Extractor
  • Six Tension Tools
  • Luggage-Quality, Zippered Case Available in Genuine Nappa Leather or Vegan Leather


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