The MPXS-11 11-piece lock pick set is one of our most popular, and it includes three picks with rivetless stainless steel handles, three standard picks, a long double-ended pick, a broken key extractor, and three tension tools in a snapover leather case.

Set Inclues:

  • 1 SP-03 Long Double-Ended Pick
  • 1 SP-04 Double Ball Pick
  • 1 SP-07 Small Diamond Pick
  • 1 SP-11 S-Rake Pick
  • 1 SP-13 Broken Key Extractor
  • 1 MP-04 Small Diamond Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
  • 1 MP-07 Short Hook Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
  • 1 MP-09 C-Rake Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
  • 1 TW-01 Standard Tension Tool
  • 1 TW-02 Short Twist-Flex Tension Tool
  • 1 TW-11 Thin-Line Tension Tool
  • 1 Top Quality Snapover Leather Case

The MPXS-11 11-piece lock pick set allows locksmiths to expand their kits with new tools for more efficient jobs. Our stainless steel lock picking sets are made of high-quality materials and feature durable metal handles. The wide variety of tools featured in this metal lock picking kit will help you prepare for any locksmithing task.


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