Go ahead take it apart. That’s the idea.

Re pinning a lock is a tedious task. This customizable lock is more than just a lock; it’s a dynamic training tool. Meet our revolutionary sidewinder with a removable pin interface that helps you unlock your potential and hone your lock smithing abilities by putting you in control of the challenge. The bottom pins of this lock can be swapped out without any tools making it by far the easiest lock to re-pin available. This lets you easily change the configuration of the pins inside, creating a virtually endless array of lock-picking challenges with the extra pins and keys that are provided. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, you can adjust the difficulty to match your skill level.

Pro tip: When re-pinning ensure you always match the number of bottom pins with the number of top pins. When this is shipped there are 5 top and 5 bottom pins.
One Metal tin to hold it all together.


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